How Does Energy Healing work?

Everything is energy.  Your physical body is made of molecules, then atoms, which are waves of energy, therefore your supposed physical body is actually an energy body!  Our thoughts, feelings, and intentions are also energy waves.  If you intentionally direct your thoughts and feelings, you can use them to affect change.  Energy healing is the intentional use of particular frequencies to positively alter human states of physical and/or psychological imbalance.  How energy healing works is best understood through the scientific lens of quantum physics.

Where does the healing energy come from?

There is a benevolent field of energy that we are all part of.  Some call this energy 'Creator', 'God', or 'Spirit', but these titles are all names for the same thing.  I believe that we actually create this field, and it is a reflection of our true essence.  When I am helping a person to heal, part of my job is to communicate messages from this energy field to my clients that will help them transcend their current issues.  Alongside messages, the healing energy also comes from this field, and it is our intention and our personal will that directs it.  We are all tapped into this benevolent healing energy, we create it and are extensions of it.  It is there for us to utilize in all aspects of our lives.  

How does distance energy healing work if i am not with you?

Energy healing transcends time and physical distance.  We need linear time to be grounded in our human experience, but as everything is essentially energy, a quantum reality also exists.  It does not matter where you are physically in this moment - energetically, everything and everyone is connected by this field of energy.  During a session my intention is to send you energy healing, and because we are all connected via the quantum field, you receive it.  Everything and everyone is part of this energetic field, constantly affecting one other with our beliefs, thoughts and feelings.  It is our choice whether we do this consciously and intentionally or not.  Together as healer and client, we hold an intention (or frequency) which allows you to heal.

How do i prepare for my distance energy healing session?

During your energy healing session it is nice to be in a quiet, private space (but not necessary, the healing will occur regardless).  A typical session begins with a discussion about your health issues or anything you need help working through in your life.  I will intuitively pass on any information that is pertinent to your healing, or that will help you move forward from feeling stuck.  For the latter part of the session you will lie down comfortably (most people lie in bed or on their couch) to receive the energy healing.  Have pillows and blankets ready so you feel warm and relaxed, and close your eyes to limit distractions.  Children are welcome to move around and play.  You may feel tingling, cold, heat, subtle energy moving throughout their body, floating or rocking sensations, itchy or prickly feelings, heaviness, pressure in certain areas of their body, and occasionally people see visions, pictures, or colours.  Most clients report feeling very relaxed, and are often in a state somewhere in between being awake and asleep.  You may fall asleep which is fine, it's also a great state to receive energy healing.

can i heal myself?

Yes, you can!  Due to our societal and cultural conditioning, everything we habitually think and/or feel, creates our experience.  Your physical reality may be the result of a disease, a gene, an accident or toxins, but what you choose to believe in terms of the possibility of healing from this moment forward should be limitless.  It is important to become conscious of limiting negative belief systems, and choose positively what you actually want to be experiencing.  All human beings are capable of self regeneration.  There are several things you can actively work on to help heal yourself and maintain a state of homeostasis - be present, do what you love, feel your feelings, adjust your perception (whether you view your experience as negative or positive), and trust yourself and your life path.  These are all acts of unconditional self-love, and self-love is essential for healing. Eating food that is non-toxic, organic, and sustainable (local and seasonal) is also essential on a self-healing path.

what types of health issues do you work with?

I work with everything.  Most people don't have one particular health issue.  Our body is a complex system, and for homeostasis and balance to occur we most approach healing holistically - physically, psychologically, and energetically.  I have experience helping clients heal cancer, autoimmune disease, allergies, vertigo, concussion, injuries of all types, skin conditions, addictions, depression, anxiety, detoxing (chemicals, fungi, heavy metals, mould, bacteria, viruses), digestive issues, eating disorders, neurodegenerative diseases (I feel all of these stem from spirochete infections and our immune systems’ inability to heal from them), ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ME/Chronic Fatigue, Morgellons, Lyme disease and co-infections , sleep disorders, alignment issues (physical and energetic), and many others.

do past lives exist, and do they affect our health?

Not only do past lives exist, alternate timelines also exist.  In reality, there is no past or future, there is only right now. Therefore a past life could be more accurately described as a concurrent life. Our conditioning and resulting life experiences not only come from this lifetime, but also all of our concurrent lives, alternate timelines, and ancestral experiences.  Whatever our energy body is experiencing in the quantum field, transfers instantly to our physical body.  Your current human experience is a product of ALL of your energetic experience.

is unconditional love important?

Yes, extremely important.  To heal completely and permanently, each one of us must learn how to love ourselves unconditionally.  This has to come from within, no one can do this for you.  We must question our motives and reasons for doing what we do.  Ask yourself: 'Would I be doing what I do [insert job, relationship, addiction, fear etc] if I unconditionally loved myself?'  If you answer 'No', then it's time to begin making changes in your life.  An intuitive energy healer can help you figure out where you're stuck, realign your energetic body to heal your physical body, and set you on a healing path, but it is paramount that you take positive action around changing the things that are holding you back for permanent results.