Photograph: Melody Sherwood


healing people

I strive to empower people to develop their innate ability to heal themselves.  My clients are guided to transform and heal through bringing consciousness to any limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns, and by realigning their energetic and physical bodies through intuitive energy healing.  Energy healing transcends time and physical distance.  We are all part of a quantum energetic field, constantly affecting ourselves and others through our habitual thoughts, beliefs and feelings.  It is our choice to do this consciously and intentionally to create healing changes. 

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I help my clients explore the impact of food on their health.  Healing through dietary choices is important, both individually and through an awareness of the environmental impact of the food we choose to eat.  Nutritional needs are unique, therefore I do not prescribe any particular diets, but intuitively look at each clients' digestion, allergies, preferences, and other health issues before making dietary suggestions.

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